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Hi everyone, we host open forums in Northants for local people to contribute to the democratic process. We are calling these ‘Northamptonshire Community Voices’.

The idea is that we enable residents, communities and businesses to fully take part and contribute constructively to the decisions councils are making, particularly in reference to the transition to unitary councils. Community Voices is an independent, non-party political, community led forum that has both physical open forums and on-line forums.

Our first open forum was in Wellingborough on the 6th June in Glamis Hall.  We had a great turnout of 40 for our first forum in Wellingborough, so we are not stopping there!  The format is very simple ‘topic proposed and debated’, just like the on-line forums.  These are set up to inform local councilors of the communities views.  We will also have a community speaker in to talk about the work that they and there organisation does.  Our next Community Voices Forum is also at Glamis Hall, on Monday 25th June from 7pm.  It is being held to continue the debate on our New Town Council and to discuss the sale of the Daylight Centre.

Our latest event was a workshop on Thursday 21st June, that took place between 2:00 and 5:00pm.  It was led by social care specialist Dr Simon Duffy at The Hindu Community Centre, Highfield Road, Wellingborough, NN8 1PL.  For more details see our Workshop page.

We have built this website with online forums and a blog. The forums will be Northamptonshire to debate the County Council and it’s services; and the seven borough/district councils (like Wellingborough) to debate the borough and district councils and their services.  There are three simple rules when posting on the online forums and speaking at one of our open public forums – no rudeness, no party politics and no advertising (more details at About Us)

We want everyone to get involved! Please register and subscribe to your forums, like our facebook page and most importantly, contribute your ideas or concerns.