Wellingborough Community Voices Forum Agenda

Only a couple of days to go now until we hold our first open forum.  We are holding the forum in Wellingborough on Wednesday (6th June) at 7pm in Glamis Hall. Entry is free, there is car parking and refreshments are available.

The purpose is to inform local councilors/councils of the communities views, topics will include this time will be the proposed Town Council and Jackson’s Lane Car Park. We have the local county councillor, who is also a borough councillor, introducing both topics.  We are also hearing from a couple of other speakers; Marion Turner-Hawes is explaining why we are setting up Northamptonshire Community Voices and Liz Coombe is talking about community paticipation.

It should be an energising evening, everyone will get an opportunity to speak; all we ask is that everyone abides by three simple rules:  No rudeness, no party politics and no advertising, and do remember everyone wants to hear your views, so please try to make your points clearly and concise.

The Agenda

Chair Scott Fitzsimmons

7:00 Welcome and introducing the format of the forum – Jonathan Hornett

7.10 Why is ‘Northamptonshire Community Voices’ needed – Marion Turner-Hawes

7:20 Introducing the new Town Council – Jonathan Etkins

7:30 Open Forum debating the new Town Council

7:50 Vote, yes or no to the Town Council.

7:55 Talk about the future roles within ‘Community Voices’ – Jonathan Hornett

8:00 Tea Break

8:10 Talk about ‘Community Participation’ – Liz Coombe

8:20 The proposed development of Jacksons Lane Car park – Jonathan Etkins

8:30 Open Forum debating the proposed development of Jacksons Lane Car park

8.50 Vote, yes or no to developing Jacksons Lane Car Park.

8:55 Open forum on future of Community Voices

9:00 Thank you for coming!

If you cannot make it, you can still tell us your views about Wellingborough, all of the other borough/district councils and Northamptonshire on our forums – https://northamptonshire.communityvoices.org.uk/forums/

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