About Us

Welcome, we are an open group with support from a wide range of people in the community, including from representatives of most of the political parties.  Northamptonshire Community Voices has been established to involve the community in local democracy because many of us feel local people’s views aren’t being represented in the changes to local government in our county.  Marion Turner-Hawes explains why we are needed in our blog, and at our first public forum, listen here.  We established ourselves on June 1st with our online forums.

The purpose of Northamptonshire Community Voices is to enable and encourage more people to have a voice in their communities by:

  1. Establishing safe platforms, free from abuse or rudeness, for people (including councillors) to express their views (online and publically).
  2. Ensuring that these platforms are free from the dominance of political parties so that we can all work together.
  3. Being led by local people, not commercial interests, because we want the views of the community to be represented.
  4. Working with, not against, elected councillors and local councils to ensure community involvement in local democracy.

We will do this with:

  1. Workshops – to inform local people in local areas about what is happening and how they can influence and lead future developments.
  2. Forums and online forums – to provide platforms that are free from political party bias, commercial pressure or rudeness; for communities to participate in local democratic decision making.
  3. Blog, social media output and other media interaction – is to inform people about the activities of Northamptonshire Community Voices and any developments that are taking place within their communities, including government at local and national levels (that are making decisions that effect local people)

We have set up online forums and have organised our first public event just in two weeks.  This has been driven by a small group of local people that has been mainly lead by Jonathan Hornett, who has been given the role of forums and group administrator,  Marion Turner-Hawes, who has been given the role of workshop administrator, Scott Fitzsimmons, who has been given the roles of public forum chair and online forum moderator and Simon Turner, who has been given the role of online forum and website moderator.  These roles are to enable the work of the group until we adopt a management group.

Nominations for the management/working group are available on Wednesday  online and at any public forum.  They are open to anyone and we will be actively encouraging councillors to be involved.

We held the first public forum in Wellingborough on Wednesday 6th June at 7pm in Glamis Hall.  Our speakers (and chair) came from across the community (see our agenda) 40 people came and really got involved!  Our second public forum was also in Glamis Hall on Monday 25th June.

We hosted a workshop on Thursday 21st June at the Hindu Community Centre in Wellingborough.  We are planning more public forums at various locations across the county.  At all of our events we will ensure that entry is free, there is car parking, and that refreshments are available.  Please remember to observe our three simple rules when speaking at one of our open events or when posting on the online forums.  The three rules are:

  1. No rudeness
  2. No party politics
  3. No advertising

If you cannot make our public forums or workshops, you can still tell us your views about all of the borough/district/county councils in Northamptonshire on our online forums.