Stop The Rushden Factory Farm

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Last year, a planning application was submitted for an intensive chicken farm in Rushden, Northamptonshire that would have annually housed 5 million birds.

Following incredible efforts from local campaigners, and a host of objections from Compassion supporters, the application was withdrawn. However, I’m sorry to report that this chicken farm application is back – a little smaller, but still enormous.

Bedfordia Ltd has re-submitted a proposal for a six-shed factory farm which will house 314,000 birds at a time – that’s almost 2.5 million animals every year.

The deadline for objections to this factory farm is 8th August. The chickens urgently need your help. Please object today to planning application 18/01284/FUL

Stop The Factory Farm

Chickens can live for six or more years under natural conditions. However broilers (chickens farmed for meat) have been selectively bred to grow bigger and faster. Those used in intensive farming, like those covered by this application, will commonly be slaughtered before they reach six weeks old, by which time many of them will no longer be able to stand up or walk.Sadly, animal welfare concerns are not usually deemed valid grounds for objecting to a planning application. However, this broiler farm could have significant implications for the environment and local community. So, when making your objection, you may also wish to refer to the following:

    • Scale and system: as the UK prepares to leave the EU, we should take this opportunity to shape the future of British farming, creating a system that is beneficial for human health, the environment, and animals. Approval of this application will be a step further away from a sustainable and compassionate farming system.
    • Litter, Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide: this farm poses a threat to air quality, releasing gasses into the environment which can cause respiratory problems, unpleasant smells, and attract large numbers of flies. It will also release nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.
    • Bird flu risk: High Pathogenic variants of avian flu are a creation of the industrial‐scale poultry industry that transformed relatively harmless Low Pathogenic avian flu into a lethal disease. The overcrowding, poor health, and high stress environments inside a factory farm are the perfect conditions for viruses to mutate.
    • Antibiotic resistance: the health of chickens in factory farms has traditionally been supported by the preventative use of antibiotics. There is clear evidence that the over use of antibiotics in factory farms contributes to resistance to antibiotics in human health. There is also evidence of increased levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the areas surrounding factory farms. If you live nearby, any concerns that you have about this should be given special weight.

Objections to planning applications carry most weight when they come from local residents. Please, if you can, object to this intensive farm proposal today.For further guidance, you can also view Compassion’s objection to the application here, but do be aware that objections in your own words will have most impact. You can find our general advice on objecting to a planning application here.

Please spread the word amongst your local community, family and friends and encourage them to send in their own objections to this application. It’s vital that councillors understand how strongly local people feel about factory farming invading their towns and countryside.

(Written by CIWF)