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    F Harris
    F Harris

    Hi as you will be aware our bus services are on the line with Redwell and Kingsway to loose theirs shortly.
    I raised this at our local surgery last night with CC Malcom Waters, and wrote to him for the second time to confirm my views. I have also written to Graham Lawman on the same subject.
    That is that two of our main estates will have no buses services side lining many ( mainly older and young mothers etc) and people who do not have the use of a car.
    Two other estates have more than one bus an hour. ( one much closer to the town).
    I am asking that the subsidy is spread so that all four of the estates have the possibility of one per hour each.
    Not forgetting the hospital and station that are now out the loop! If you think it’s a good idea write now to your C.C Rep now!

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    Jonathan Hornett
    Jonathan Hornett

    Why is this important?

    The cancellation of bus routes will leave many without any public transport to do the very basics like visiting a doctor, getting to school, or picking up groceries. Without this bus service the most vulnerable in our society will face social isolation, difficulty accessing work, and expensive taxi fares.

    Northamptonshire County Council have a duty to protect the young, the elderly and other vulnerable groups – cutting these services and leaving these groups isolated, without public access to the most essential services is not right or fair.

    See more and sign the 38degrees petition at https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-our-buses-northamptonshire

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    Jonathan Hornett
    Jonathan Hornett

    Your bus may be axed today – what have you done about it?
    40 of us in Wellingborough brought the town to a standstill on Friday to protest about the loss of the 34 bus; we were on Look East that evening and on Northampton Radio! More needs to be done, are there any other plans for action?

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