Northamptonshire Community Voices Workshop

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We held a workshop to give residents, businesses, voluntary sector and communities the opportunity to understand what has happened re the financial mismanagement  at Northamptonshire County Council, to help us understand our community and business needs, and to help us shape services that are truly sustainable, led by and accountable to local people and businesses.

Some of us feel the Government’s proposal for two Unitary Councils won’t address the fundamental challenge of financing our essential services in this County, we hope to inspire ‘different thinking’ and come up with a more community and business based sustainable plan for success.   At the workshop we will explore how might we do things differently drawing on ideas from the local community, from business and from other areas in the UK and beyond.  The Council’s of Northamptonshire receive a combined income of about £600 million pounds per year. How could we put this and all other resources open to us to good use for the benefit all residents, communities and businesses?

Dr Simon Duffy, a renowned Social Care specialist, founder of the Centre for Welfare Reform, Campaigner for the rights of disabled people, and co-founder of the International Citizens Network, guided us through the local and the national context, highlight numerous examples of positive community action elsewhere and showed us how to create an a citizen and community led response our situation in Northants, where we (people, voluntary sector and business) need to play a much greater role meeting our needs, together.  He also gave us ideas on how to enable greater levels of accountability which also support the many diverse people and communities of Northamptonshire to be fully included.  Simon’s presentation slides can be viewed on our blog at Workshop Presentation

The workshop was held on Thursday 21st June 2:00 – 5:00 at The Hindu Community Centre, Highfield Road, Wellingborough, NN8 1PL.  Please use the form below to ask for more information or if you have any comments.

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